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Time frame

Online Training Phase period standard proposal:  about 8 months

  • Proposal of Detailed Calendar of Online Training Phase:
    • 1st -2nd weeks 
      Study of UNIT 1 and UNIT 2

    • 3rd week  
      Delivery of Activity I: Class needs report

    • 4th -13th weeks
      Study of UNIT 3 and UNIT 4

    • 14th week
      Delivery of Activity II: "Reflections" and lessons plan proposal

    • 15th - 19h weeks
      Study of UNIT 5, UNIT 6, UNIT 7, UNIT 8

    • 20th week 
      Delivery of Activity III: "Reflections" 

    • 21th - 26th weeks 
      Creation and in-class implementation of lessons plan

    • 27th week 
      Delivery of Activity IV: Lessons plan and Report on activities in class 

  • Further information on Course's time frame:
    • Estimated total hours: max 117h.
    • Estimated hours/week of self-study: max 4h/week.
    • Estimated hours of class work: max 5h for compulsory activities in class (+14h optional work in class).

In-person training phases schedule:

  • 5 days before online training phase.
  • 5 days after online training phase.